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GATE 44 Residency 

Experimental poster series created during one month at the Gate 44 printmaking studio in Milan, Italy

Recognizing graffiti as a breach of planned urban space, this poster series uses wheat paste scraps to interrupt otherwise passively consumed public signage and consumer-directed phrases. Ironically, the posters are designed to resemble cohesive promotional flyers, while at the same time reappropriate the promotional language encountered in daily life. Phrases like “What is today’s special…is today special?” and “Grains of salt, half off” encourage us to consider the relationship between marketed experiences and larger life. The contrast between wheat pastes, as freely created material, and formulaic statements explores the tension between mediated and un-mediated messaging. The series considers the ephemerality of printed media against the longevity of ideas, what it means to consume consciously, the ubiquity of marketing, the extent to which we operate free from its influence, and what we truly desire when we spend time or money on something. 

Serigraphy (screen printing)

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