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Clear Conscience Cleanse by Psyche

"Say hello to the Clear Conscience Juice Cleanse by Psyche. This three step process is designed to cleanse the brain of toxic mindsets preventing you from being your best self. This cleanse wipes away corrupted notions like beauty standards, constructs of success, self-criticism, fear of failure, and seeking validation from anyone but yourself. Order a free trial and restore in yourself a sense of worth."


Today wellness is sold to us as a glamorous lifestyle. However, no matter how many detox cleanses or wellness shots you take, you will never obtain a true sense of well-being until you address your own emotional and mental health. To parody the way health is marketed, I designed a hypothetical company called Psyche that glamorizes mental health the same way companies like Urban Remedy or Pressed Juicery brands nutritional health. Psyche counteracts the mental health stigma by making emotional well-being look attractive and trendy. The clear conscience cleanse is a theoretical cleanse of the mind. It clears away mental chatter, restoring us to a blank slate. 

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